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Sliding Door Closer: Ideal for healthcare facility

The sliding doors are a new trend in the architectural industry.

With its space-saving potency and easy accessibility, the sliding doors are becoming popular applications especially in the healthcare facilities today.

Our NSC series Sliding Door Closer is highly sophisticated and eco-friendly solution adding a self-closing capability to the sliding doors, ideal for the healthcare buildings.

With its unique fluid reduction gear mechanism, NSC series is designed to assist in reducing the door opening resistance to achieve an easy and safe opening operation for all, including the elderly, small children, people of limited mobility and people who are otherwise carrying large packages or groceries.

[Features of NSC/DSC series Sliding Door Closer]

+ All section self-closing.

+ Adjustable closing & damper speeds.

+ Easy installation.

+ No electric power source required.

Model Initial opening force
(for single door,
with max. door weight)
NSC-C60V 8.9N (2.00 lb)
NSC-C48 9.2N (2.07 lb)
NSC-C1215 19.2N (4.32 lb)

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