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Mechanical Keyless Locks


Mechanical Keyless Locks

The KEYLEX is a high quality mechanical pushbutton lock offering maximum security and saving cost for entry/egress.
KEYLEX is a fully mechanical lock system not requiring electricity, so no electrical wiring or battery is required, eliminating issues and costs associated with installation, electrical malfunctions or battery failure/replacement.
Pushbutton mechanism solves issues or hassles caused by administration/collection of keys. The code is programmable and can be freely set by the user up to 4,096, 16,384 or 32,768 patterns depending on models.

  • No electric source required
    KEYLEX is a commercial grade, fully mechanical lock system not requiring electric source or battery.
  • Easy code programming
    Changing the code can be done by simple operation. With KEYLEX 4000 series, the code is easily programmed from keypad without removing the lock case from the door. With other KEYLEX series, the code is programmed from the back side of keypad.
  • Buttons with outstanding durability
    The materials and mechanisms of the buttons are selected and designed with implementing most advanced technology so that the set code cannot be identified even after many years of use.
  • Slipping clutch mechanism
    If someone attempts to unlock the door using force, a slipping clutch will be activated to avoid damage against the locking mechanism. The lock is restored to use easily and immediately.
  • Anti-panic design
    The door can be opened from inside anytime (for single-side pushbutton configuration), allowing free exit in emergency situation.
  • Key override
    Key override feature is available as add-on option.
  • Changeover to free-passage mode
    Free-passage mode allows the door stay open so that user can freely make entry/egress without entering code when desired.
  • Fail-safe mechanism (Auto double throw deadlatch model only.)
    Even if the latch bolt is broken, latching function remains working by support plate. Necessary timing to replace the latch bolt is indicated with red marks.

    KEYLEX Series Total Catalog
    KEYLEX 4000 Series Catalog

Commercial Application

Residential Application


Model Name (Series#) # of PatternsMax. Door WeightAuto-lock FunctionDouble Side PushbuttonsKey-override OptionFree-passage FunctionFail-safe FunctionOption Cover
4000 series32,76880kg (176lb)YesOKYesYesYesYes
2100 series16,38480kg (176lb)YesOKYesYesYesYes
1100 series16,38480kg (176lb)YesOKYesYesYes
800 series (*1)4,09640kg (88lb)YesOKYesYesYesYes
700 series
(Euro profile)
4,09640kg (88lb)(*2)Yes(Standard)Yes(*)
500 series4,09640kg (88lb)YesYesYes
(*1) Sliding door lock is available with 800 series.
(*2) Depends on the Euro profile cylinder and lock set combined with the product.

Product Video

4000 series – Code Change Instruction
800 series – Code Change Instruction