Automatic Swing Door Operator


Automatic Swing Door Operator

MICOM SMART SWING automatic swing door operators allow barrier free access for all. Providing customer convenience when fully automatic, high frequency use is essential. Whilst meeting the needs of people with limited mobility with low energy operation, when a friendly door is required.

Unique Operating Features

MICOM SMART SWING has been engineered to open doors for all, including people with limited mobility and children alike. Our carefully designed gear mechanism allows the door to be opened with incredible ease. Whilst at the same time prolonging service life, offering years of reliable, trouble free, swing door operation.

Being non-handed, MICOM SMART SWING can accommodate left, right, push and pull swing applications in one compact and powerful unit.

Equipped with an adjustable heavy-duty spring, MICOM SMART SWING can accommodate heavier doors up to 300kg in windy conditions. In addition, MICOM SMART SWING incorporates an in-built adjustable doorstop, which eliminates the need for external stops and provides protection against wind damage.

  • 300kg Door capacity
  • Quiet and friendly
  • Suitable for low energy and high frequency use
  • Ultra-low resistance by hand
  • Easy non-handed conversion
  • Simple installation and adjustment
  • Digital LED display and function setting
  • 24V output for accessories
  • Long term continuous operation


MICOM SMART SWING is the perfect choice for new and existing buildings, offering a powerful, yet gentle and friendly door opening solution.


Ideal for both commercial pedestrian flow and residential applications..


Multi Functional Simplicity

No: Description
1 3 Position Switch
2 Base Rail
3 Control Unit
4 Motor Assembly
5 Gear Box Assembly
6 Door Stop
7 Push Arm (Pull Arm Available)
8 Door Shoe

MICOM SMART SWING is a very compact, durable and high-quality automatic swing door operator system.
With an attractive housing design and incorporating design features such as LED digital set up, simple latch and back check setting, as well as an inbuilt door stop.

Used for high frequency entrances such as shopping malls, hotels and airports. When open speed and endurance of operation is essential, accepting all customary safety inputs and offering 24V output for activations and other accessories.

Used when a friendly door is required, light to the touch, push and go option is available. Open and closing speed can be restricted avoiding risk of any accident should someone unintentionally block the door. With an Electromagnetic Lock connection output supplied as standard, doors can be made secure to fit any requirement such as hospitals, schools, care homes and residential apartment buildings.

Latching & Back-Check Setting
Setting the total door movement is automatic. From initialization, the operator will learn the opening and close cycle, retaining in memory the correct position of latch and back check. It will automatically calibrate for weight and apply the correct door speeds and forces required. When using spring close, if additional closing force is necessary, this can be simply achieved by programming. Thanks to our unique, user friendly procedure, installation and set-up can be achieved within minutes.



No: Description
1 Gearbox Communicator
2 LED Display Screen
3 E-Lock/Strike 12V/24V DC Output Connector
4 Accessory Connector Terminal
5 3 position Switch (Hold/Manual/Auto)
6 Enter Button
7 Down Button
8 Up Button
9 Menu Button
10 Test/Learn Button
11 Power Input Connector
12 Motor Connector

Operational Features

  • Operational Features
  • 3 Position switch (auto/off/hold open)
  • Open time up to 60 seconds
  • Timed delay after activation
  • Open cycle counter
  • E-Lock relay output
  • In-built adjustable door stop
  • Communication available for double doors
  • Push & Go option available



Door Capacity 300kg Max
Max Open Angle 110 degrees (adjustable).
Arm System Push (Articulate) and Pull (Slide)
Push & go Yes (Adjustable)
Power AC230/110 V 50, 60 Mhz 2A
Opening Speed 15-75 0/sec. (Adjustable)
Control System Micro-processor
Braking Regulator Automatic
Opening Time 0-60 sec.
Close Pressure A small force can be configured to maintain the door open or shut. Strength from 0-8 kg.(in five positions)
Security Function Upon opening and encountering an obstacle, it will stop. Upon closing and encountering an obstacle, it will go back and slowly close. If it remains as such, it will stop and an alarm will sound.
Detection of Fault Notice and indication of the type of error by means of written display.
Operation Continuous
Electro-Magnetic Lock Electro-Magnetic Lock of 12/24 Vdc (optional)
Operating Environment Room temperature from -20 degrees centigrade to +50 C (with no condensation or ice-forming). Environmental humidity from 30-85%. (There should be no dangerous materials in the environment).
Operator dimensions 140 x 114 x 800 mm (height, depth, length)
Weight of Operator 9kg


Non Handed Operation



[ Installation Procedures ]



Sensors/Push Switches

Standard type activation sensors/push switches are available as option.

Touchless Switches

Touchless type activation switches are also available as option.

Model Power supply Wiring Sensor type Detection range Dimension
CTB-01 12/24V DC Hard wired Wave to open (single gang box size) 1″- 5″ 2″ x 4″
CTB-02 Wave to open 1″- 5″ 4.5” x 4.5”
CTB-03 Wave to open 1″- 6″ 4.5″ x 4.5″
CTB-05 Reflective/wave to open (jamb gang box size) 2″- 8″ 1.5″ x 4.5″
CTB-07 Reflective/wave to open 2″- 8″ 4.5″ x 4.5″