Transom Overhead Concealed Door Closer

NHN® 500 Series

Transom Overhead Concealed Door Closer

The NHN500 is a commercial grade transom overhead concealed door closer designed to be mounted inside the header frame/jamb so that keeps the aesthetic door appearance, ideal for the commercial entrance where surface-mount type closers are not suitable or would interfere architectural design.

Catalog – Transom Overhead Concealed Door Closer NHN500
  • Works for both single acting and double acting doors.
  • Spring size: 2, 3 or 4
  • Non handed, suitable for left and right hand doors.
  • Available with or without hold open. (Hold-open; choice of 90° or 105°.)
  • Selection Chart

    Spring size (EN) Door width Door weight Opening angle Hold open or Non hold Model Number
    2 ≤850mm
    130° Non hold 552
    Hold at 90° 552H90
    Hold at 105° 552H15
    3 ≤950mm
    Non hold 553
    Hold at 90° 553H90
    Hold at 105° 553H15
    4 ≤1100mm
    Non hold 554
    Hold at 90° 554H90
    Hold at 105° 554H15
    Recommended door width: 700mm(27 1/2″) for Size 2, 800mm(31 1/2″) for Size 3, 950mm(37-3/8″) for Size 4.


    1. Dual speed adjustment
    Two section speed adjustment (130°~10° & 10°~0°). f2
    2. Single or Double action
    Works for both single and double acting doors. f1
    3. Powerful yet compact
    Fits into common header frames. f3

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