Auto Hinge™ Series

Self Closing Door Hinges

Innovative self-closing door hinge, ideal for all kinds of swing door applications.

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NSC/DSC Series

Self Closing Sliding Door Closers

Eco-friendly self-closing sliding door closers for all kinds of barn doors (wooden/steel/aluminum).

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Accessary for Sliding Door Closer

NSC/DSC Series

Accessories for Sliding Door Closers

Various option items/accessories/parts are available for the NSC/DSC series Sliding Door Closers.

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NSC-G Series

Sliding Door Closer

By utilizing highly durable pull spring device, the NSC-G series offers full-range self-closing function.

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NHN KT3D/1600

Invisible Door Hardware

The ideal solution for modern commercial buildings and residential buildings.

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NHN 80V Series

Hydraulic Door Closers

EN1154 Standard Closer. Power adjustable by spring size 2-4 no.83V, size 3-6 no.85V and size 6-7 no.87V.

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PDC100 Series

Pivot Door Closers for Glass Doors

The NHN PDC100 patch fitting pivot door closers are suitable for glass doors. No digging floor.

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PDC100W Series

Pivot Door Closers for Wooden

The NHN PDC100W concealed/hidden pivot door closers are suitable for wooden, aluminum and steel doors.

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KHS/KHU Series

Contemporary Door Handles

Refined quality and modern design, offering sophisticated appearance to the door applications.

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MM Series

Magnetic Linear

Automatic sliding door operators offer new clean technology with super-silent motion for internal sliding door applications.

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EDM-MD Series

(Available Latin America only)

Automatic Sliding Door Operators

A high quality and competitive automatic sliding pedestrian door solution.

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