Self Closing Sliding Door Closers – NSC/DSC Series

NSC/DSC Series

Self Closing Sliding Door Closers

NSC/DSC series Sliding Door Closers, utilizing sophisticated spring and damper mechanisms, adds self-closing feature to your sliding/barn doors. Mechanical system, no electricity required.

This eco-friendly self closing sliding door closer is suitable for all kinds of sliding/barn doors made of timber, steel, and aluminum, and ideal solution for commercial, industrial, healthcare, hospitality, residential, and all other facilities.

  • Mechanical door closer – Manual-open + automatic-close (full-range).
  • No electric power source required – works anytime even during power outage, ideal solution for all places.
  • Utilizes spring wire device (NSC series) or inclination (DSC series) and rotary gear damper for safe and smooth self-closing + soft-closing.
  • Dual Speed Control – Both closing speed/dampening speed are adjustable.
  • Very light door opening force, smooth closing action.
  • Easy installation.

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Dual Speed Control:
Both the door self-closing speed and damper soft-closing speed are individually adjustable.

Its compact size and functional design allows any sliding doors to become self closing. Designed for door panels of either single, bi-parting and telescopic configuration.

NSC/DSC series is a highly reliable system securely tested for 500,000(NSC/DSC-C60V) and 1,000,000(NSC/DSC-C48) cycles.

Long service life:
A long lasting product life time is achieved by our cutting-edge technologies, employed in our compact yet robust rotary gear damper, fluid friction resistance and one-way clutch brake mechanism.

The only preparation needed before installation is to drill screw holes into the door frame and glass. After that, all parts/devices can be installed by a screwdriver from the front, easily and efficiently.

Non Handed:
The system can be used for both left and right hand sliding doors. It can be easily converted between left and right handing by a simple adjustment procedure.

Non Electric:
The system does not require electric power so that works anytime even during power outage.

With its unique fluid reduction gear mechanism, the system is also designed to assist in reducing the door opening resistance to achieve an easy and safe opening operation for all, including the elderly, small children, people of limited mobility and people who are otherwise carrying large packages or groceries.


Specifications for Sliding Door Closer

Model Sliding Door Size Rail Length(*)
Closing Drive Door Type
Applicable width
NSC-C60V 23 1/2 – 63 22 – 132 86.6 or 122 Spring pull Steel/Wood (*1)
NSC-C48 27 1/2 – 63 66 – 176 86.6 or 122 Spring pull Steel/Wood (*1)
NSC-C1215 27 1/2 – 63 176 – 330 86.6 or 122 Spring pull Steel/Wood (*1)
NSC-C2525 27 1/2 – 63 330 – 550 86.6 or 122 Spring pull Steel/Wood (*1)
DSC-CW03 27 1/2 – 63 22 – 66 86.6 or 122 Rail inclination Wooden
DSC-CW08 27 1/2 – 63 66 – 176 86.6 or 122 Rail inclination Wooden
NSC-CW60V 23 1/2 – 63 22 – 132 86.6 or 122 Spring pull Wooden
NSC-CW48 27 1/2 – 63 66 – 176 86.6 or 122 Spring pull Wooden
DSC-C03 27 1/2 – 63 22 – 66 86.6 or 122 Rail inclination Steel
DSC-C08 27 1/2 – 63 66 – 176 86.6 or 122 Rail inclination Steel
DSC-C015 27 1/2 – 63 176 – 330 86.6 or 122 Rail inclination Steel
27 1/2 – 63 66 – 176 86.6 or 122 Spring pull Light steel Aluminum

(*1) The NSC/DSC series sliding door closers can be used on either steel or wooden doors.
The system comes with machine screws. If you are going to install it onto wooden door/wall, please prepare the following screws (equivalent sizes are ok).
8pcs x #10 1-1/2″ hex tapping screws (for hangers)
8pcs x #10 1-1/4″ pan head tapping screws (for rail)
In addition, to avoid the door to swing, you may prepare a suitable bottom guide.

*The rail can be cut into preferred length.
*The complete system comes with either 2.2m (86.6”) or 3.1m (122”) rail.
*KIT-version is also available that comprises of all components of complete system except rail.
*Complete system includes pull spring device, damper control device, control rack rail, door hangers, door stopper, installation accessories and rail track.
*The rail must be mounted on wall surface. (System is not compatible with the ceiling hanging type sliding doors or framed patio sliding doors.)


The difference between DSC and NSC

  • NSC models utilize the adjustable pull-spring device to close door and DSC models use the inclination (= gravity) to close door.
  • For NSC models, the rail can be simply installed level (horizontal) to the floor and speed adjustment is easily done after the installation by turning a speed adjusting dial on pull-spring.
  • For DSC models, the rail needs to be installed with proper gradient to achieve preferred closing speed so that delicate angling is required when installing the rail.
  • NSC model is recommended for medium/heavy-duty doors as it is easier to install.