25 Jul

[New Product] Contemporary Door Handles

KENWA has added more models to its already renowned door handle lineup.

KH series Contemporary Door Handle offers aesthetic and contemporary appearance to the doors.

Classic SUS Models:
Employing SUS304 high-endurance stainless steel, KH series stainless model door handles are highly resistant to rust, corrosion and stain, and also resist scaling and retain strength at high heat/freezing chill.
The bright, shiny and easily maintained surface provides modern and attractive appearance. Easy to clean, ideal for strict hygiene conditions such as hospitals, restaurants, kitchens, lavatories, store fronts and many other places.

Wooden Grip Models:
The KH series wooden grip model comes with SUS304 high-endurance stainless steel and beautiful wooden grip made of Zelkova. Natural surface of wood offers authentic modern appearance.
Antibacterial – keeps you odor free and feeling fresh, ideal for strict hygiene conditions such as hospitals, restaurants, kitchens, lavatories, store fronts and many other places. Moisture free, clean and soft hand feel wooden grip is perfect for sensitive skin.

For more information about KH series Contemporary Door Handle, please contact us.

25 Jul

[New Product] Invisible Door Hardware, Debut

KENWA has unveiled another innovative door hardware.
NHN Invisible Door Hardware offers beautiful and contemporary streamline appearance to the doors. The high performance concealed door closer and the completely hidden door hinge are suitable for wooden, steel and aluminum doors, ideal solution for modern commercial buildings and residential buildings.

For more information about NHN Invisible Door Hardware, please contact us.

25 Apr

[Event Report] Mid Atlantic Glass Expo 2018

KENWA experienced great time at Mid Atlantic Glass Expo 2018 held in Baltimore last week.
We met a huge number of visitors who have found interest in our glass door closing solutions showcased in the event.

We thank all of you who have visited out booth. See you again in Baltimore next year.

22 Feb

Happy Lunar New Year

As a global company, KENWA celebrates both Lunar New Year and Western New Year.
Wishing happiness, prosperity and longevity for everyone around the globe.

25 Jan

Sliding Door Closer for Glass Doors – Debut

KENWA’s newly released NSC-G series Sliding Door Closer is an innovative solution adding self-closing feature to your glass sliding doors.

By utilizing highly durable pull spring device, the NSC-G series offers full-range self-closing function. The door closes automatically from any position you release the door to the complete close position.
The rotary gear damper provides safe and smooth soft-close feature at the end of door closure.

For more information about NSC-G series Sliding Door Closer, please contact us.

28 Dec

Season’s Greetings

Thank you for your support all year round. We appreciate all the precious business opportunities and the confidence you have placed in us.

KENWA Trading Corp. will continue to provide the world class support for the valued customers in 2018.