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PDC100(S) Pivot Door Closer – Available in Different Finishes

KENWA’s renowned PDC100(S) series Pivot Door Closers are now available in different finishes; standard satin stainless, matte black stainless, polished stainless and clear anodized aluminum.

All of these finishes are also available for sale on Please visit the product pages from the following links.

+ PDC100-S-SSS (standard satin stainless): Click here.

+ PDC100-S-MBS (matte black stainless): Click here.

+ PDC100-S-PSS (polished stainless): Click here.

+ PDC100-S-CAA (clear anodized aluminum): Click here.

The KPF-2P series top patches are also available in same finishes. Please go check out the related items in Amazon.

Please contact us for more details.