Invisible Door Hardware

NHN® Invisible Door Hardware

Hidden Door Hinge / Concealed Door Closer


NHN invisible door hardware offers beautiful and contemporary streamline appearance to the doors. The high performance concealed door closer and the completely hidden door hinge are suitable for wooden, steel and aluminum doors, ideal solution for modern commercial buildings and residential buildings.

NHN KT3D is an innovative door hinge that is completely concealed into door and door frame.
The 3-D adjustability enables to make the hinge installation very easy and highly efficient. The opening angle of 180 degrees allows door to swing fully open. Combining with NHN 1600U-M concealed door closer, offers beautiful and contemporary streamline door appearance with self-closing feature.

NHN 1600U-M is a super-thin, stylish, robust and high performance Concealed Door Closer.
With the door closed, the main body and lever are completely concealed into door and door frame to streamline the external appearance. Combining quality, efficiency and functionality, NHN 1600U-M provides smooth door closing motion utilizing a needle bearing, ideal for hotel rooms, reception rooms, powder rooms, hallways, modern offices etc.

NHN invisible door hardware is a smart solution that integrates functionality into design.
Perfect for hotel guest rooms / conference rooms / reception rooms / modern storage / powder rooms / hallway doors etc.


NHN KT3D series – Hidden Door Hinge

  • Concealed into door and door frame.
  • 3-D adjustability : horizontal +3mm/-2mm, vertical
  • ±3mm and depth ±1 mm
  • Opening angle :180 degrees – Non-handed
  • Non-handed
  • Body: Special zinc alloy
  • Arms: Aluminum
Invisible Door Hardware Catalog
Model KT3D-140 KT3D-190
use Internal Only
Max door size 900 x 2400 mm (35.4 x 94.5”)
Min door thickness 40 mm (1.6”) for wooden door
36 mm (1.4”) for steel door
45 mm (1.8”) for wooden door
40 mm (1.6”) for steel door
Max door weight (with 2 hinges) 60 kgs. (132 lbs.) 100 kgs. (220 lbs.)

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NHN 1600U-M series – Concealed Door Closer

  • Slim body, stylish, high quality and performance.
  • Concealed into door and door frame
  • Dual speed adjustability (closing and latching speeds)
  • Standard hold-open function
  • Adjustable opening angle and hold-open position
  • Aluminum body
  • Non-handed
Invisible Door Hardware Catalog
Model 1628U-M 1638U-M
Use Internal Only
Max door width 850 mm (33.5”) 950 mm
Min door thickness 35 mm (1.4”)
Max door weight 40 kgs. (88 lbs.) 60 kgs. (132 lbs.)
Max opening angle 120 deg.

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