21 Nov

NSC-G Series Glass Sliding Door Closer in Motion

NSC-G series Glass Sliding Door Closer has been adopted on a urban, aesthetic and functional glass sliding door newly built as a part of the office renovation project in Wood Dale, IL.

This creative design solution was architected and finished by SUZUKI + KIDD Architects PC.
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[Features – NSC-G series Sliding Door Closer]
+ All section self-closing
+ Adjustable closing & damper speeds.
+ No electric power source required.
+ Works for 3/8” or 1/2″ glass doors.

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15 Nov

New Product – Concealed Door Hinge for 231lb & 352lb Doors

Two new models are now available with KT3D series Concealed Door Hinges.

Newly introduced KT3D-199 and KT3D-200 are suitable for the doors up to 231lb and 352lb.
KT3D series is designed to be mounted inside the door/frame so that keeps the aesthetic door appearance, ideal for the entrance where conventional type door hinges are not suitable or would interfere architectural design.

For more info, please visit this link.

Model KT3D-140 KT3D-199 KT3D-200
use Internal Only
Max door size 900 x 2400 mm (35.4 x 94.5”) 1000 x 2400 mm (39.4 x 94.5”) 1200 x 2400 mm (47.2 x 94.5”)
Min door thickness 40 mm (1.6”) for wooden door
36 mm (1.4”) for steel door
55 mm (2.2”) for wooden door
50 mm (2”) for steel door
Max door weight (with 2 hinges) 60 kgs. (132 lbs.) 105 kgs. (231 lbs.) 160 kgs. (352 lbs.)
3-D adjustability Vertical ±2.5mm(±3/32”)
Horizontal ±2mm(±5/64”)
Depth ±1mm(±3/64”)
Vertical ±3mm(±1/8”)
Horizontal +3mm(1/8”) or -2mm(-5/64”)
Depth ±1mm(±3/64”)